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When it comes to buying industrial tools and machinery, you need to be certain you are only buying them from the experts who know what they are offering. With a substantial experience of over 25 years, JJ Sales & Services is a leading solution provider offering industrial automation systems and services in central India who know what they are talking about.

Not just the providers of finest industrial equipment, designed and manufactured using the latest technology, but the masters of their craft, we are everything you can ask for.

Since the inception of the company on 4th of April 1994, JJ Sales & Services has valued fierce engineering solutions to empower industries with superior quality industrial tools for higher efficiency. Our dedication and diligence that has helped us to grow as a renowned company in our field and as the trusted panacea for our clients. Starting out in central India, we now have a palpable presence in many major cities of the country, as well as abroad, including Saudi Arabia and UAE. We have a long list of esteemed and satisfied customers, including Indian Railway, GAIL, SAIL, Ordnance Factories, P&G, Eicher and many others.

Backed by our skilled and knowledgeable staff, we have some of the finest solutions for your business, precisely cut out for your requirements. JJ Sales & Services does not just offer the best in sales and services but our exhaustive range of industrial machines and tools including, but surely not limited to, handheld and mechanized Plasma systems, Vacuum Solutions, Laser CNC cutting device, Industrial Ovens, Positron, Power Tools, Crane Hoist and much more, only add us in the good books of our satisfied customers. With our competent factory automation systems and mechanized tools you can fairly enjoy greater work and time efficiency, along with value for money.

Vision Statement

JJ Sales & Service is a humble business which was founded with the vision of empowering fabrication industries. We envision our company to establish itself as the biggest and the most august of solution providers in this sector, proffering high grade engineering products and services in Central India. We strongly engage a well-trained and erudite team of energetic employees to let our customers benefit with our hi-tech products and increase their profitability. That said, we also vehemently believe in growing together, and hence aim towards progress and better lifestyle of our team members.

Mission Statement

At JJ Sales & Services we push our limits each day to become the most respected industrial automation and equipment solution provider of Central India. We take pride in equipping you with the right and the most efficient tools to tackle industry's tough challenges. But most importantly, we hold customer satisfaction at the highest regard, and constantly strive to build long lasting relationships.


Core Values


JJ Sales & Service runs on some key values which have helped it stay true to its morals while keeping its roots firmly grounded. It is these core values of

  • - Upholding integrity
  • - Furnishing value
  • - Empowering every associated individual, and
  • - Respecting customers

that have made us what we are today, proud and progressive.